Aldi’s Wine Advent Calendar Are Now In Stores Nationwide

Twenty four mini bottles of happiness just in time for the holidays

Wine lovers rejoice. Aldi’s uber popular wine advent calendars finally arrive  to stores in the U.S., and judging by previous years, these puppies won’t last long.The news of Aldi’s wine advent calendars hitting  grocery stores nationwide perked the ears of wine aficionados. Their enthusiasm is infectious and rapidly spreading  to  friends and family this holiday season. Sure, they’re not supercheap coming in at $70, but they boast 24 (yes, 24) mini bottles of red, white, rosé, and sparkling wine. Never has a countdown to Christmas brought so much joy.

Assorted Wine collection pack

The reds include a Shiraz, Malbec, Cab, Pinot, and Merlot. The whites include Pinot Grigio, a couple Chardonnay’s, and Sauvignon Blanc. They also threw in a few pinks just to round things out. There are still some states that prohibit selling alcohol in grocery stores so if you’re one of those unlucky ones, you may want to phone a friend.  And have them pick one up on the down low.

Three wine bottles red white

“Back by popular demand, our amazing 2018 Aldi Wine Advent Calendar features a fabulous new design to create the perfect centrepiece – after all, what could be better for getting in the Christmas spirit than an adult advent calendar full of wonderful wine?” Aldi said.

Because of their popularity, there’s a limit of one calendar per customer per visit, so bring a change of clothes and a wig so you can pop out to the car, change real quick-like, and head back in for another. Honestly, with all the news drama going on and the holidays in general, why wouldn’t you buy one (or six)?

decorated festive Wine gift packs

And what goes well with wine, you’re probably asking? Cheese, of course! Aldi is also selling a cheese advent calendar for the low, low price of $13, which includes 24 imported mini cheeses because Aldi loves us and wants us to be happy.

24 imported mini cheese gift pack

This is the first time these Santa’s helpers will be available in the U.S., which is exciting. We’re sure Aldi execs were like “Listen, these Americans have been through enough already, let’s help a sister out.” And for that we say a collective, “bless you.”

“Delivered in a beautifully decorated box Aldi’s Wine Advent Calendar has 24 doors, each revealing a rather special treat. Discover a mix of red, white and rosé wines and a few special bottles of bubbly too in our strictly adults only advent calendar. It’s the perfect way to say cheers to the festive season!”

If wine isn’t your jam, they are also releasing a gin advent calendar. Unfortunately, gin lovers only get 12 days to celebrate instead of 24 but hey, beggars and all that.

Wine and Food Make for the Perfect Friendships

Whoever said that one glass of wine per person per hour has never drank with my friends and I.

Group of friends gathered together talking and drinking wine

Here’s to the wine… The foundation of every great friendship !

Now we do not want to get left behind for the bubbly stuff either when counting down to New Year Eve festivities. You cannot ring in 2019 without it. Let alone be caught standing by yourself without your significant other. And if there is no significant other you always have that go-to-friend-pal as your stand in.

Miamians wine aficionados whose wine taste buds extend beyond  Aldi can turn to other local wine brands. Case in point a big shout out to our friends at Friends Fun Wine.

Talking about Miami folks and their unique taste buds. Sports celebrities share some interesting parenting style when it comes to wine and their kids. Ex-Miami Heat NBA basket ball player, Lebron James told reporters at a Lakers practice that he learns everything about pop culture from his tween sons. That’s because they’re old souls—so mature, in fact, that they already imbibe. “I’ve got very mature 14- and 11-year-olds,” James said. “My 14- and 11-year-olds drink wine.”

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