CINpal’s Volunteers™

Why do we look for CINpal’s Volunteers™ ?

Common Interest Network LLC (CIN™) was created to fulfill a unique niche. The goal is connect individuals who share a common interest, but WHO ARE NOT INTERESTED IN DATING OR FORMING LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS. In fact one of the founders of CIN™ is blissfully married but is also a visually challenged movie aficionado. Before losing her vision, she would attend the movies 2-3 times a week. After losing her ability to drive and attend the movies alone, her partner who did not share a common interest in movie going was left having to attend movies that he did not enjoy. She realized that she was missing out on several events which she avoided because she did not want to torture her loving companion. She started looking around for friends who shared her common interest. After a while she started to sympathies with even those generous folks and wished she could just find people who enjoyed the same things that she did. She desperately wanted to continue her active lifestyle, but did not want the burden of getting commitments from others who did not share her common interest. This lead to the birth of Common Interest Network LLC (CIN™)

Why the need for volunteers?

Like our founder some of our CINpal’s™ are visually challenged (V/C), blind (B), wheelchair bound (W/C), hearing impaired (H/I) or live with other physical challenges. Like our founder these CINpal’s™ have no difficulties getting themselves to the venues or events. But obviously would prefer to share the experience with a CINpal™ who shares a common interest rather than attending alone. Our CINpal Volunteers™ along with sharing time, can also facilitate the experience by securing necessary equipment such as getting descriptive narrative head phones for their (V/C) or (B) CINpal’s™. Being willing to read the marquee at a movie theater or the Play Bill at a play allows the (V/C) or (B) CINpal™ to have a full experience which might not otherwise be available. Something as simple as holding a door or carrying the popcorn for a wheelchair bound CINpal™ will lessen their anxiety and leave the space for enjoyment rather than discomfort. The bottom line is, there are myriads of ways in which CINpal volunteers™ can help to make the experiences of other fellow CINpal’s™ possible.

What is the reward?

The reward for CINpal’s™ with challenges is the recognition that there are others among us who are willing to share their time, their space, their energy. and their interest with us. The reward for CINpal volunteers™ is the gratification they will feel when they have chosen to share their time, energy and interest with a CINpal™ who may require a small level of aid that will allow them to have an incredible experiences. The reward is being able to share the laughter, fun, and life experiences with a pal who recognizes that challenges are not disabilities and, do not keeps us from enjoying life and sharing a common interest with others. The opportunity to volunteer is a reward in itself.

How does the volunteer program work?

When you complete a membership application you will notice a section which allows you to check a box that gives the option to indicate if there are challenges which may create a need for membership support. These challenges include but are not limited to the challenges mentioned above. Another section of the application allows you to indicate if they are willing to be a CINpal volunteer ™. This information will be included on the CINpal ™ member profiles.

How do I become a CINpal volunteer ™?

If you are interested in being a CINpal volunteer™ please check the appropriate box on the membership application.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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