Human’s response systems are wired in flight-or-fight mode at all times. When we experience stress that response is kicked into overdrive as our body interprets it as threatening, thus keeping individuals on edge constantly. With the Holidays still here, the team at CINpals™ figures some tips that will help any individual put their minds at ease would be very useful right now.

Check out these tips below.

Time management is important & Not having enough time to complete projects is a very stressful feeling. Human beings who do not manage their time properly may feel regularly overwhelmed and exhausted, thus bringing their stress level to an even higher and more dangerous level. In order to counteract this, it is best to manage their time better. A good way of doing this is to learn how to prioritize properly. By learning how to organize their daily schedule to be more efficient, people can reduce their stress level significantly.

Concentrate on What is Needed Rather than Wanted & When individuals experience stress, they tend to say the word need, more than want. When our brain deals with the word need, instead of want, our feelings become directly affected, causing stressful feelings to appear. Therefore, by focusing on the word want, instead of need, the brain will cause less stress because the person is doing something they want to do.

Try Other Stress Relievers There are many different ways individuals can change their stress level. One of these ways is by writing a gratitude list. Usually when humans are stressed out is because their focus is on whatever maybe stressing them out. By writing a gratitude list, the focus is shifted from whatever is causing the stress, and instead the brain will focus on what the person is grateful for, thus changing their perspective.

What are some of the ways you like to stay stress free?
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