ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 20)

Many of you are entering a new relationship where you are effortlessly loving, supportive, and generous with your time and energy. Some of you are even very giving with your material wealth in this relationship. However, you feel that your care is not always appreciated and understood ñ often times they go without acknowledgement or they may backfire, leading to tension.

Your partner is very concerned with the progress within their work/studies (or lack thereof) and have the tendency to revolve everything else around this, including their emotional expression. They may be lacking stability that you sorely need and instead of returning the love and support that you give to them, they look for ways to impose their will onto you. This person has tendencies of needing to control others and seek perfectionism, often leaving them dissatisfied. Many of you may be dating an Aries who is failing to step into their role as a natural leader.

The best thing you can do now is to maintain your outlook of positivity. If you have been generous to people outside of your relationship, make sure that you are showing that same energy to your partner. Your attention, praise, and support matter more now than ever before. Your efforts will not be wasted if you acknowledge your partner’s hard work and show gratitude for their accomplishments, even if things are not going as they had hoped.

You have a new project coming to a halt this month. This project has you blazing hot with excitement and you’ve caught the support of quite a few people. The momentum you have backing this project may cause you to feel that you can’t bear to see your efforts go to waste or to be slowed in any way. Despite being aware that you are being called to take no further actions, you will play blind to your instincts and carry forward carelessly. People will take notice and be concerned for how you are handling your situation quite recklessly.

If you suppress the response that is most responsible in this situation (allow the break to happen) then all you are doing is delaying the inevitable. You will be forced to deal with this, regardless. Maybe you are confused by the messages you are receiving, and don’t quite understand clearly how important a resting period is right now. If you find yourself in a state of confusion, you need to be sure to listen to your inner voice. There may be input from others that you have been considering Now is not the time to do so.

Many of you Aries may be in a shared living predicament with a friend or close relative. You are unhappy at times and are considering moving away. Part of you wants to stay, as you may blame yourself for some things that have happened. Maybe you feel you are being ungrateful and are actually the cause for the lack of peace. Yet at the same time you understand that you can only tolerate but so much and there’s more to life than what you have been experiencing thus far.

The universe is giving you these feelings to help encourage you to look more towards your future, versus feeling obligated based on past connections. You are making sacrifices that are not healthy for you. It is best for you to be daring and courageous when it comes to releasing these burdens you have allowed to weigh you down. Moving away may be scary for you but often times it is the most frightening of ideas that are the most liberating actions for us to take.

Possible areas of concern: Digestion problems, diarrhea, constipation, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal issues, appendicitis, pancreatitis
The health issue pertaining to your intestines, liver, or pancreas that alarms you this month will be a temporary period of discomfort. For some of you this has been an ongoing issue for the past weeks or even months. However, hold on to your positivity, because the pain will ease up and you will experience healing in this area.

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TAURUS (Apr 21 - May 21)

There’s a new person you’re finding more and more attractive this month. You will find yourself allowing the fantasy of what it would be like to be with this person to cross your mind and you can’t help but smile. This idea feels good to you but considering your recent turn of events in your love life you find caution is best in your tactics. You are aware that this new fling could bring more security to your future, as this person is rich in experience and/or finances.

This person’s wisdom or financial stability doesn’t stand in the way of your attraction, but in fact it is not the foundation for your attraction. Others may view you as naive as you are noticeably being careless with how your pursuits of this person. It may be that you are not overly flirtatious or that you have not expressed your feelings towards them.

For this person to have a mutual attraction to you, it’s important that they feel you are capable of being family oriented and well-versed enough to take on the responsibilities of heading a household. This person is looking for something serious and may have kids that you would have to accept within this relationship. There is potential for both emotional AND material satisfaction within this relationship!

You have a tight grip on your finances this month as you are doing your best to ensure that you have greater success. There is positive movement with your money towards inner peace and calmness. Your financial state will lead you to have less thoughts of panic and displacement. Finances are looking good for you, Taurus, as you are carefully investing and heftily saving. You are creating clear boundaries with your money and it is setting you up for wealth and abundance.

You find yourself surrounded by wealthy friends and you all are able to help each other build, through support and care. However, this does not mean you will be void of conflict with people within this group. In fact there will be much resistance leading to disagreements. If you give in to every conflict of interest that approaches you, you will find yourself separated from this group, left disappointed. You are advised to pick your battles carefully. Not every battle is worth winning. Not every point is worth proving.

You have been quite ill-witted, impatient, and controlling to people around you. Your stubborn behavior has its times where it is to your benefit, but this month you will see the exact opposite. In particular, there is one person close to you who has feelings of built up anger, resentment, general dislike towards you. They may not have openly expressed this as you are someone they have to be around often. Maybe this is a coworker that you often disagree with or a team member on a project who you have been over talking or ridiculing. This person may not be the most confident or expressive, so you may not realize how much they feel you are stepping on their toes.

The tension between the two of you is causing delay in the accomplishments of the workplace. Maybe this isn’t just between you and one other person  it could be the entire group. You will find yourself at a point where your differing perspectives from those around you has left you in somewhat of a state of solitude versus having your input valued. You may be seen as the rebel of the group and realizing that now you feel even more strongly about the necessity of going at it alone.

You have your unique way of doing things and the energy you put towards trying to convince others to engage your ideas, you can put towards starting your own path. The support you find in group settings is important, but there are greater negatives to consider. How many times in the past have you given up your solitude to join a group just to find out that you perform your best when on your own mission? You can still be supported by others from a distance.

Possible areas of concern: Mind, communication, respiration

Many of you have been fighting with illnesses relevant to the way you think, communicate, learn, memorize, and process information. As a result you may experience various misunderstandings and the anxiety from your social conflicts can affect your respiratory system. Pay close attention to your breathing.
What does self-love mean to you? Take a few moments to reflect here. In what ways can you come up with to show more attention to your confident, patient, and accepting self? Are there ways you can be more gentle with yourself?

Loving yourself means accepting yourself. When you can accept yourself for who you really are, the type of people you attract will be fitting for more harmonic relationships. Are you in need of more harmony within the people around you? If you can accept this, then you can learn to accept the ways you have attracted such toxic relationships. Life does not have to be this way and it is never too late to put action towards changes for a better you.

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GEMINI (May 22 - Jun 21)

There is a shared perspective and open communication within your love life this month for Gemini. You both are looking towards the future. Your partner is sifting through resources to find the route that serves everyone’s best interest. Your alert nature and eagerness to learn gives you the advantage to take meaningful action to help your partner with their goals. Your partner may be most vulnerable in this relationship and your touch is nurturing and reassuring.

There is much that you appreciate within this relationship but at times you offer emotional resistance as you are faced with minor obstacles. The bigger picture greatly outweighs and there is still more peace, blessings, divinity to be explored. Allow yourself to fully immerse into the growth and beauty of this partnership. The future of this relationship is abundance and serenity.

Your unique ideas and commitment to seeing them come to fruition naturally makes you a leader. However, this month you are being too careful with your planning and calculations. In turn, you should not expect to see a manifestation of new sources of income as you most desire. Your restricted perspective of what you are able to accomplish right now is directly affecting your reality.

You are making strides towards your goal, but your process of thought is delaying the outcome you want to experience. You may feel things are chaotic as you are trying to find balance between the responsibilities you have already taken on and the practical measures you need to take to increase your progress.

What is it that you want to accomplish by the end of the month? What is it that you can do TODAY to clarify your goals? Write a list. The more specific you can be about your goals in regards to timing and your step-by-step process, the quicker and more effectively you can manifest.

You have had several negative run-ins with your family and friendships in the recent past. You now may be experiencing a period of solitude where you are only keeping close to your immediate family who has been around you since you were a child. Many of your recent friendships seemed to be promising in the beginning but eventually you realized that it wasn’t a genuine relationship. There was a lesson to be learned in each and every one of these situations. You are in a learning period of improving yourself in order to attract long-lasting meaningful relationships.

If you are longing for deeper connections with people, it is best for you to reflect more on these failed relationships. It is also important for you to understand the value in the alone time you have. There is plenty to be grateful for now, as you are strengthening your most valuable relationship with yourself. Having a close-knit oneness with others around you is something that will come naturally with divine timing. This is in your reach, but your focus for now should continue to be on yourself if you wish to make future relationships worthwhile.

Your possible areas of concern are your heart, back, and ribs. You may find yourself exhausted, being exceptionally warm (fever possibly), or with a lack of control for bodily functions or addictions. There can be little self-restriction or you may actually have a hard time making it to the bathroom on time.

The greatest favor you can do for yourself this month is to find the time to reach a state of calmness where you can evaluate your most pressing health issues without adding pressure to yourself. Find a place where you can go without interruption. Put your phone down, close your eyes, practice breathing exercises or listen to soothing music, and focus on finding solution to your issue. The only way this can be effective is if you have a self-talk that is patient, kind, and understanding. It will also be helpful to have your body checked regularly so that you can be aware of your patterns. Begin scheduling doctor’s appointments if you are able to. Herbal medicine and alternate forms of healing are also available.

Please keep in mind that this is a general reading and not everyone will resonate with this. All feedback is welcome. Please let us know in the comments if you feel this was for you or not. If you would like a more specific reading please email

CANCER (Jun 22 - Jul 22)

Cancer, your love, patience, and level of awareness is allowing you to heal your partner, as they are going through a time where they feel over-burdened by things going on in their outside world. The actions they have taken in the recent past have brought on responsibilities that have weighed them down for some time now. This is a temporary period for your partner but it may feel never-ending to them. Their healing will begin soon after this month and your efforts of keeping them motivated is helping. You are giving them a sense of peace through all of the hectic energy they deal with on a daily basis.

Your perspectives have been the air to their flame, allowing them to grow stronger and stronger despite given circumstances. However, you also have your own set of outside irritants that you are dealing with. Be sure that as you move forward to help your mate, that you are not allowing your own burdens to build up and trouble you as a result of hiding certain situations from them.

It’s important to be considerate of your mate’s obstacles, but do not avoid expressing what is going on in your life. Your ability to provide peace to your mate stems from the peace that you have within yourself, so if you allow unexpected situations to throw off your peace, you won’t be able to provide the same comfort to your lover. Find balance within this situation that allows you to relieve your mind from your problems too.

You have a new project coming up this month. Maybe this is a team effort situation where you will be leading or teaching others. You are very optimistic about the ability of your plan to come to fruition, but what scares you most is how your boss or your team members will receive your idea. You may have someone around you who is capable of dismissing your plans and convincing others to do something completely new.

Unfortunately, your imagination isn’t playing tricks on you here ñ your threat is very real. You may find yourself in a state of woe-is-me. This is a likely result from your approach to this situation with a clouded mind. Some of you are overly optimistic about your expectations. Perhaps you are not considering every risk or every step in a logical way. Being able to concisely explain your process will help others to jump on board.

You have been working hard to achieve your financial goals. You feel there has been a delay to receiving what has been rightfully owed to you. Your efforts are indeed paying off this month and you will feel a sense of accomplishment for your family long-term. As you experience this relief, be sure to not forget who has helped you along the way. If there has been a team effort here, be sure the entire team is rewarded. If your support group has never strayed from you once, the least you can do is thank them, acknowledge their contribution. Make sure no one is left out if you feel obligated to give gifts or thank-you notes.

Your heart, circulation, and body heat are areas of concern for now. You may find yourself dealing with heart palpitations, a fluctuation in body temperature, and poor blood circulation. There may be a loss of fatty tissue around your heart, causing a range of relating symptoms.

People who work the hardest often find themselves so dedicated to their work that they fail to listen to their body. Our bodies are constantly communicating with us, and it is time for you to allow a period of rest so that you can hear what yours is saying to you. If you have been feeling chest pains, have a fever, or often have limbs fall asleep,î it is necessary that you put the same energy that you have for your work, towards your health.

Please keep in mind that this is a general reading and not everyone will resonate with this. All feedback is welcome. Please let us know in the comments if you feel this was for you or not. If you would like a more specific reading please email

LEO (July 23 - Aug 23)

Many of you are experiencing a change of thought waves within your relationship this month. There may be little chemistry in how the two of you perceive what’s to come. Perhaps you are beginning to communicate to each other what your outlook for the future is.

Leo, you have some new idea lingering in your mind that you are avoiding expressing. You feel it is not the right time or that you don’t have all of your answers just yet. You are reflecting more and more on this, as it is something that deep inside you really want to explore. It’s possible you have convinced yourself already, and you are now looking for further confirmation from the universe to move forward. OR, you could be holding on to this idea as a defense mechanism, because you know your partner will not agree to this.

Your partner is fearful of what the future holds. There is emotional confusion keeping them held where they are, in terms of their perspective. They may not be acknowledging their role in a bad situation that you are both going through. Their way of thinking is not productive and does not create a mental environment that allows progress. Your partner does not have as much passion to move forward as you do.

You have had this hidden idea for some time now. Maybe it is that you are acknowledging that the relationship has reached an end, but you are failing to direct your partner’s attention to your needs. You are placing the thoughts and opinions of your partners on a grand pedestal and it will in turn keep you stagnant. There is a great risk of being blocked from growth here. Your innermost self wants to flee the relationship and put all the pain behind you. You are ready. All you need is the courage to get going on your new journey.

You have money in abundance now, and splurging is an understatement for your behavior this month. Your sense of self-control is completely out of the window and you are giving in to your expensive addictions. Yes, money is good for now, but how long will this last? You feel you do not have the power to break away from feeding your addictions, but how successful or disadvantaged you are with your finances is entirely up to you. You could be addicted to a certain vice or simply addicted to shopping for items you do not need. This addiction can quickly lead you to having no money at all. Now is not the time to take big risks with your money. Find healthy ways to invest, to help you bring even more in.

You notice how your relationship with someone close to you is changing. Someone you have counted on to be your rock, your cheerleader, your backup is not being there for you as you would expect them to , as they have been previously. There may be a greater understanding of this person after a certain situation, and your perspective is more whole, allowing you to make measures that will benefit you greater. There is a lesson available for you within this changing relationship, and the following energy from this is one that benefits you. This is an opportunity for you to grow and things will be going well. Allow others around you to care and nurture you.

Some of you will find yourself going through a rough patch with someone and the result will be a closer connection. Your perspective of this person is changing as you are more aware of how they feel about you. This is a beautiful time for both of you, and the relationship is promising.

Many of you may be affected by outside pollutants. It may seem everywhere we turn we have man-made toxins & fluoride in our water, constant radiation from electronics, trails in our skies, waste , pesticide chemicals in our foods. The list goes on and on. And on and on. You seem to be most affected by this pollution issue this month. The awareness can easily have effects on our mental state but you will actually be affected physically.

When you find yourself in a state of weakness or when you are distraught from all that is around, it’s vital for you to leave and put all of this behind you. There are places in nature, areas near natural bodies of water, forests, peaceful retreats where you can go and isolate yourself from all that is causing harm to your body. Invest in seeing an herbalist, who can guide you towards detoxing through herbs, sound healing, or meditations. There are actions you can take to heal, you do not have to feel this way.

Please keep in mind that this is a general reading and not everyone will resonate with this. All feedback is welcome. Please let us know in the comments if you feel this was for you or not. If you would like a more specific reading please email

VIRGO (Aug 24 - Sep 22)

This month you may find yourself having a quick-wit, a smart tongue, and over-reacting to things that happen within your relationship. You will be ready to fight and it won’t be hard for you to be in touch with your aggressive side. All that is needed to tick you off is your partner to use a tone you dislike or to forget something at the store you asked for.

Your partner may not fully express how the obstacles within the relationship is causing hinderances within other aspects of their life. There are goals they are trying to achieve creatively that require fresh energy for new ideas, but they are receiving a blockage within their creativity. They will be aware of this trickle-down effect and in turn hold on to feelings of tension, hostility, and anger. There may be an internal desire for freedom that is not directly made known to you.

Perhaps this person has caused you pain for this angry side of you to be revealed, and as you lash out of pain, the response of your partner is to seek something new. Your bursts of emotion will only serve to push them away further. This is a cycle in ending and you are fighting against it. The energy surrounding this relationship is toxic and has been in your field far too long and has done far too much damage to you. Moving on through the pain will be challenging but this is to be accepted as a healing period. The universe is asking you to no longer delay this much-needed new energy.

You will be having difficulty following your intuition to find ways to gain more luck within your finances. You may compare yourself to others who seem to have financial freedom. You carry the mindset of not wanting to explore new territory as you lack confidence within your abilities. At this time you could benefit most from discussing your financial goals with others and finding new sources of income. If you have people close to you who seem to have a good flow of income, don’t be afraid to ask them what they do for a living and if they have any advice for someone like yourself, looking to gain additional income sources. You will benefit most from outside influence at this time, so be sure to not allow your fears to hinder you any further.

When it comes to socializing you may feel pretty fearful in terms of what to expect as an outcome. You have all that you need in order to create the relationships that would satisfy you most. This month is a wonderful time for you to meet new people! You also will have plenty of creative energy available here. Why not find like-minded people with similar interests? Don’t let this energy go to waste ñ you can create long-lasting friendships at this time.

At this time you are at risk of being more sensitive to colds, breathing abnormalities, hoarseness, sore throats, malnutrition, or abnormal weight loss. There may be speaking, hearing, or sensory disabilities/dullness. If you are able to track the beginning of your main health concerns, it’s good to do so, but be sure to focus on your healing versus beating yourself up over the mistakes you made. For your own sanity, accept what is in the present. It is up to you to save yourself from this situation and the only way you can do so is to have a gently realistic perspective. Take care of your body by taking care of your mind.

Please keep in mind that this is a general reading and not everyone will resonate with this. All feedback is welcome. Please let us know in the comments if you feel this was for you or not. If you would like a more specific reading please email

LIBRA (Sep 23 - Oct 23)

There is an upcoming transition within your love-life, Libra. Many of you will find yourself heavily contemplating the responsibilities you juggle and how this affects your relationship. Your partner is in emotional confusion because they do not fully understand the energy they are receiving from you. You have been wanting to make your busyness as calm as possible, looking for balance between the different aspects within your life.

Some of you will resolve the separation with your ideas of involving your partner more into projects you have been working on. This may not be the most natural of areas for them, causing fear-driven thoughts from their end, but they have the creative energy available to put action into beginning something new.

You are advised to make the most of this collaboration, as this looks very promising for you. You can help them overcome their fear and move towards a future full of inspiration as there is much support to be bounced between the two of you. This serves as a harmonious situation for you, Libra.

This month is a great one for you within your career and finances. You will experience a feeling of your dreams coming true. Your hard work is beginning to pay off and your outlook of what you have been expecting to happen over the past few months is being confirmed. You will see your confidence strengthened, faith in yourself renewed, and most importantly, an increase in your finances. Those around you will meet your excitement as this is a time for celebration and renewal of energy.

Outside of immediate family you are not showing much attention to friends or people who were once close to you. This is a natural result of you putting a great focus on building your finances. You are strict with how your time will be spent and will not put any effort towards making new friends. Your business relationships may strengthen, and you may find yourself in a mentorship, but that is the greatest extent of your friendships this month. You are close to seeing grand results within this mentorship or partnership and this is just the beginning, as you are willing to consistently put in the work, and those who are working closely within your business relationships want to see you succeed and have great faith in you.

You will likely see indications of some health issues with your stomach area. Itís possible that there was a period in your past where you faced eating disorders, over-eating, or drug abuse with drugs that affected your appetite. You may have moved forward without correctly resolving the issues that resulted during this time. There could be indications of stomach cancer, obesity, anorexia, abdominal discomfort due to overeating, inconsistent bile movement, sleeping disorders.

The more upfront you are with addressing your health issues, the quicker and more effectively you can take strides towards healing. The longer you allow underlying issues to linger, the more room you give them to adapt to greater and more complicated internal injuries. This is not a time to be gentle, shy, or complacent. The discomfort you feel is not to be accepted as your normal. The battle isn’t over until you declare it is, and you have plenty of fight in you that may have gone untapped. You can do it! You got it in you to beat this!

Please keep in mind that this is a general reading and not everyone will resonate with this. All feedback is welcome. Please let us know in the comments if you feel this was for you or not. If you would like a more specific reading please email

SCORPIO (Oct 24 - Nov 22)

Scorpio, this month is unfortunately one of heartache for you. Perhaps you are going through a breakup or recently split from someone you care deeply about. You view this as a disaster within your love life and are completely devastated from the turn of events. You have enough responsibilities and some great opportunities in front of you, but you are choosing to take time to release the emotions you are going through.

Your ex-partner does not seem to be nearly distressed as you are. They may have explained to you that the breakup is necessary for both of you to grow. Many of you are dealing with someone who is giving you false hope, which they feel they are doing in order to preserve some of your sanity. This person is heading down a path that is most natural for them and is doing their best to not appear to be insensitive to your emotions.

Some of you may not go through a breakup this month, but actually may come to find your partner more and more withdrawn from you. No matter what you do to try and change the direction the relationship is going in, this is not a connection that will likely be reeled back in or reset to have a fresh sense of fidelity/commitment. You may feel content in rejecting people who come to you with new projects. This is not healthy for you, as it is most important for you to think of more than this loss you are experiencing. Even if you despise this phase in life, it will end and open room for new love experiences. You have to let go to live, and the best way for you to do this now is to give in to communicating with those around you to get your mind off the drama.

You are very busy now and balancing responsibilities in a way that is conducive to your lifestyle. You will not see any major changes to your money flow these next few weeks. You are taking care to ensure that you maintain a consistency within your expenses and income. Some of you are owed money and may be paid back this month. Other than that, you’ve set your finances to be in a predictable state at this time.

Many of you may find yourself coming across a new opportunity to make money that may not make sense to the people around you. It may not fit the standards that the people around you have for you. Some of your peers may feel the opportunity is beneath your capabilities or is too challenging for your skills. They may mistake your boldness for carelessness.

Many of you have been wanting a certain dream to come true. During this time you may receive the tools needed for you to put this dream to fruition but may not exactly know which step is best for you to take next. You may find yourself feeling stuck on how to put these ideas into action, now that you are called to put your money where your mouth is.

This month you will experience a new relationship emerge and this will be very beneficial to the challenges you face at this time within your ideas. There will be a mutual understanding pertaining to what you both are going through. Maybe this project you are beginning involves an intimate connection with a friend or family member. Your relationship with this person will help you to evolve your ideas, and you will be able to do the same for this person. Allow yourself to feel nurtured, cared for, accepted by this person’s presence and involvement within your plans.

You may find yourself being careless, clumsy, or accident-prone this month. You could have accidents as unpredictable as tripping over a curb as you are walking into a store. You are even more at risk if you exercise regularly. Pay special attention to your hips, thighs, arms, legs, and shoulders.

Fortunately, any injury you may face will be more of an inconvenience than an actual life-threatening health condition. Try not to take this as terrible news, for an injury can be as minor as slight pain in your joints from pushing yourself a little too hard during a workout. The pain will cause you to believe it is worse than it is, but try to maintain positive, for this is only temporary for you. Still be careful and attentive to your body, giving time to heal as needed.

Please keep in mind that this is a general reading and not everyone will resonate with this. All feedback is welcome. Please let us know in the comments if you feel this was for you or not. If you would like a more specific reading please email

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23 - Dec 21)

Many Sagittarius people are single and undergoing a strong transformation right now. You have allowed a drawn-out delay to be in your life when it comes to putting yourself out into the dating realm. This transformation you are experiencing started after a breakup and led to you understanding more about yourself. This new exploration resulted in a stronger sense of self-love.

This month you will likely be approached by someone who appears to have their life all together. Ideas of a new fling crosses your mind as you realize they have what it takes to offer a stable relationship. They have a nice flow of income, they want the greater things in life, and you can imagine yourself giving it a try.

What you have in mind when you envision yourself moving forward with this person is not you being naive at all. This person is not presenting an illusion to you. This is an opportunity for you to have some fun with someone who is caring and family-oriented. If you are considering things as far as wanting to settle down and have a family with someone, this is a perfectly qualified candidate who you have a lot of chemistry with. A deep love and satisfaction can be developed between the two of you.

There may have been a time in your past you keep revisiting emotionally. Maybe you were more financially stable before now. Maybe you grew up wealthy but as an adult you have to figure things out on your own without the financial support of your parents. Your intellect is giving you the sense to move forward and you are naturally doing so, but your glimpses of the past is delaying your progress.

You are headed in the right direction, but it is important for you to be realistic about your goals. Be positive but plan your short-term strides with practical implications. You will have to work hard to reach that same amount of wealth you are reflecting on, but your efforts will be rewarded in ways you can’t even imagine just yet. However, the key to achieving this is to put your all into your work.

For those of you in an apprenticeship, keep your goals in mind, as you may have tasks that you do not favor. It will also help to keep in mind that your work is meaningful, and this is a temporary state that is placing you in a position of power. You are attracting satisfaction but be sure to be honest about your mental state and emotions with yourself along the journey.

Many of you are finding peace and satisfaction within your relationships. There will be a strong sense of attainment within your family and friends. Perhaps you are developing a stronger relationship with someone that has been a good friend to you. This friendship is one that will be very nurturing. One that has many benefits. A connection that is protected divinely. This is someone you will be calling your best friend if you do not already do so.

Possible areas of concern: Digestion problems, diarrhea, constipation, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal issues, appendicitis, pancreatitis
Your body is your temple and your garden, and it is important to care for it as so. As you are planting your seeds of healing, be sure to move in a way that is gentle and respectful to your body. Just as with gardening you need patience, the same goes for this seed of healing you’ve planted. It will grow for sure with the right care. Be sure to check in often to hear what your body is trying to tell you, to assure you completely recover from these issues.

Please keep in mind that this is a general reading and not everyone will resonate with this. All feedback is welcome. Please let us know in the comments if you feel this was for you or not. If you would like a more specific reading please email

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 - Jan 20)

Many of you may not be the most secure within your relationship. You may have an evolving perspective of your mate as you wonder their true intentions, question their fidelity, and inquire about changes within them that you notice. Your partner is hip to what you are feeling and how you are looking at them. You possibly are giving hints that you are getting fed up with your questions going unanswered. If you feel you are being lied to, you are making this obvious and your partner’s natural response is to be defensive. They feel there is no end to your distrust.

There is much to be grateful for within your relationship. You are giving light to your negative thought patterns that probably should stay in the dark. It is important to express your concerns without accusing or pointing fingers. If your goal is to create more distance between you and your partner, you are on the right path. However, if you want to create a more loving environment, you are going to have to get more in control of your emotions and cease your speculation.

What is it that would help you to be more trustworthy of your spouse? Is there actually anything your partner could do that would help? When we find ourselves being in similar emotional situations over and over, we have to eventually ask what our contribution is. What is our role in these situations?

If you approach your partner with the pure intention of trying to understand their perspective, you can get more insight into what is actually happening. There is a need for you to think logically versus acting impulsively out of irrational thoughts and emotions.

There is energy here to create a happy environment of peace and rewarding love, but this is being blocked because you are not focused enough on yourself. When you find yourself distraught because you are not sure what to think of your partner, find something to pre-occupy your mind. Get out, socialize, find new places to go. You have to do more with your time than sitting around contemplating negative what-ifs.

This month you may be starting a new job in the field of government/politics or work overseas. If you have already started your job, you are a recent hire. You are a hard worker with your end goal heavy in mind. This is no overnight process, but you have the stamina to reach the promotion/position you have in mind. The energy surrounding this job is achievement as you are pushing forward to gain the riches you have been hoping for. You are slowly/thoroughly moving your way towards being the King or Queen. There will not be enormous wealth in the beginning but you are highly capable of building abundance through your efforts.

Capricorn, you most likely will find yourself in a predicament where you feel stagnant with making a decision. Some situation will have you stuck between two possible directions you can handle it. You can either be opinionated and confrontational, or you can be humble and allow yourself to express vulnerability. You are aware of which is the mature response but you are itching to prove your point and exert your power. Maybe someone close to you will test you some way and you will feel the need to show them what they are up against.

You will feel a greater sense of achievement if you save your energy for a greater purpose, rather than fueling this battle. Make sure you get the closure that you need to be able to move forward from this happening. If you walk away from someone while spurting nasty words, you are very likely to hold on to these feelings. It is best to express yourself calmly and if you feel you cannot do so, try your hand at listening. Do what you can to effectively communicate so that when you look back on this situation you feel you handled it with dignity and got the closure that you need.

Possible areas of concern: environmental toxins, sex organs, uterus, problems resulting abuse and arguments

Be very very very careful of your sexual encounters this month, as your risk of attracting dangerously infected partners is much higher than average. Especially to the women Capricorn, if you usually have ease with your menstrual cycle, the pain you experience will be a bit unusual. You may see a unique change in breast tenderness and your flow. To the men Capricorn, you may feel tenderness with your scrotum. There may be symptoms of varicocele and your sperm count can be considerably affected.

Your most safe bet is to spend time loving yourself. You can avoid a lot of risks by taking care of being intimate with less people, right? It’s more important now for you to rest and love your mind, body, and soul.

Please keep in mind that this is a general reading and not everyone will resonate with this. All feedback is welcome. Please let us know in the comments if you feel this was for you or not. If you would like a more specific reading please email

AQUARIUS (Jan 21 - Feb 18)

Aquarius, this month you may be a bit naive, unaware of the reality of the relationship you are in. You may be feeling the fresh passion of puppy love and blinded by your giddiness. You are failing to see that you are not receiving the same attention and affection that you are giving to your partner. You are the clingy one in this situation of unrequited love, possibly due to a lack of experience within serious relationships.

Your partner ultimately feels the relationship is difficult, unsatisfying, monotonous, yet there is some type of attachment that continues to make him/her feel bound to stay. Perhaps this is their awareness of your naivety. They consider the advantages of the relationship enough to stay, but the disadvantages are enough for them to be completely detached emotionally. Unfortunately, you are completely being taken advantage of, Aquarius. Your partner is giving majority of their attention to an outside relationship they are pursuing. This person they are seeing is possibly one who is also in a serious relationship.

You do not have to accept this at all. If you decide to stay in the relationship and suffer, this is a decision you are making that will bring upon you years of tears that will take years of healing. It is best for you to get out of this situation now and take time to nurture yourself. It is within your path to begin a new relationship full of mutual passion, but this will continue to be delayed as you are spending time with the wrong individual.

You most likely will see a decline in your income the start of 2019. Good for you that giving up is not in your system. You will aggressively go for your goal of having a greater flow of money, despite obstacles. You may find yourself being a bit impulsive with your business decisions. Overall, going out of your way to do what you feel is the right thing for you household is what is going to help you have a quick turnaround.

Make sure that you avoid comparing yourself to others. You do not know the obstacles any given person has faced to get to the point they have gotten to. We often see people’s success and completely ignore the fact that every journey has its uniquely tailored struggles. There is always trial-and-error involved. If you focus more on yourself, you will be able to experiment with your own facets of trials and you can find out exactly what you need to do to be free of limitations.

You are just as good as those who have reached wealth and financial abundance. All you have to do is use your brain to determine what path is best for YOU. However, at the same time, there is nothing wrong with learning from other people’s mistakes from their journey.

This month is revolved around your needs of isolation. You feel it’s important for you to reflect on life and pay closer attention to your inner world. You feel there has been wrongdoing directed at you from people close to you and your reaction is to separate yourself rather than be confrontational. You pretty much pressed pause on speaking your mind and giving the punishment you feel is rightfully owed to your offenders. You may be reluctant to let go of this relationship but this change is unavoidable. It is to your utmost advantage for you to have this time to reflect for now.

Your heart, circulation, and body heat are areas of concern for now. You may find yourself dealing with heart palpitations, a fluctuation in body temperature, and poor blood circulation. There may be a loss of fatty tissue around your heart, causing a range of relating symptoms.

You are advised to continue working on your health. Have your goal in mind, direct your will towards it, and take action that backs up your intention until you reach your destination. Your focus on improving your wellbeing can be powerful to your experience this month. If you were dieting and lost track of consistency, jump back on it! If you were exercising and your responsibilities got in the way of your workout schedule, go into reset mode! The great thing about this time is that you get to witness how powerful you really are. You can transform your condition! Let’s go, Aquarius!!!

Please keep in mind that this is a general reading and not everyone will resonate with this. All feedback is welcome. Please let us know in the comments if you feel this was for you or not. If you would like a more specific reading please email

PISCES (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

You are someone who can appreciate the tradition within a relationship, as you are willing to face whatever obstacles are presented, which you do in general, not just within love. You have what it takes for a meaningful relationship to evolve, and you would not be afraid to express public affection or to praise your lover.

The relationship you are attracting (or the one you are already in) is of someone who may not be ready to take this connection to a more serious level, at least not the way that you are. This person is agreeing to move forward with you in action, but their mind is distracted by the acknowledgement they have been receiving from another. Your partner is misleading you as s/he is still enjoying attention involving another person.

Alternatively, it’s possible your mate is deceiving you in terms of how they are presenting their personality to you. This could be a front as their end goal is to get your attention and praise, despite the ingenuity in their behavior.

It is important that you begin to pay special attention to your partner to gain awareness of how they really feel about you. There is more to learn of what is already being presented in this situation. Taking the time to make sure you are both on the same page can make the journey of this relationship a lot smoother.

Many of you are working towards online entrepreneurship.

There are decisions you have made in the past that you feel haven’t been your best display of logic. As a witness to your patterns, people around you may not understand your thought process, viewing you as careless and clueless.

You are recuperating from your past as you found yourself overwhelmed emotionally after a series of disappointments. The basis behind your actions has been to fulfill your creative tingles that you have been having the hardest time understanding or developing into full ideas. You feel you are swimming towards the surface, but you are failing to reach your creativity fully because you still are not planning carefully.

The major themes that keep recurring within your life is worth reflecting on at this time. There is room for self-acceptance, forgiveness, and love. The doubt that has been pushed to your forefront, that you every so often have a run in with, is a result of you not directly addressing what your mistakes have been. You have been moving forward with little consideration of how to make changes to alter a situation or to avoid these situation in the future. The universe is screaming out for you to accept messages but you are not receiving them in the slightest. The cycles you have been experiencing will continue until you start to listen.

You have not made close connections with people as you would like to. You have a hard time connecting with your intuition and allowing relationships to flow through natural events and natural conversations. You are more in your head than you are actually listening when people talk. Perhaps you also have had trouble finding friends who deeply share your interests.

There is one friendship you have been holding onto that is in no shape, form, or fashion healthy to you. You are giving much more than you are receiving in this relationship, completely being taken advantage of ñ whether it be for your resources, your time, your willingness to do what is asked of you. If you are not getting what you give in any friendship, no matter who it is, it is time to let it go. Do what you must, for the greater good of yourself. This is a large blockage on your journey to loving yourself.

Possible areas of concern: Groin, genitals, anus, colon, gonads, prostate, bladder, urethra, pubic bone, and hernias.

You may come to realization that you have an infection or STD and there will be much grief. You will have the tendency to beat yourself up over your stupidity and you will feel embarrassment. You will be sad and uncomfortable, but this is a temporary disturbance and you will have to fight through the grief in order to move on. For starters, you can be grateful that the issue is not life-threatening and is treatable. If this is in fact an STD, this is a huge warning for you to choose your partners and your protection carefully.

Please keep in mind that this is a general reading and not everyone will resonate with this. All feedback is welcome. Please let us know in the comments if you feel this was for you or not. If you would like a more specific reading please email


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