Not just known for its family friendly environment, the nightlife in South Beach is also world renown, people come from all over to experience the nightclubs and dance clubs that are the talk of the town. In addition, the gay nightclubs are some of the best. Below are a few of the most popular LGBT friendly nightclubs and dance clubs around.

Hôtel Gaythering: This is the only gay, “straight-friendly,” hotel in town. Shirking the traditional trendy elements that all other clubs on South Beach engage in, like red velvet ropes, long lines, or dress codes, this fun hotel has a reputation for being all about fun, good company, great cocktails, specialty beers, and affordable drink specials.

The Floppy Rooster: Net to the popular gentleman’s club, Vivid Live, this establishment is the only gay nude bar in Magic City. The roaring club features an oversized main stage, four private VIP rooms, and a friction area. Not for the squeamish, but great for anyone looking to let loose.

Score: In business for a decade and a half, Score has had visitors from all around, from Lady Gaga to Paulina Rubio, and many others. One of the official spots for Miami Beach Pride Week and hosting various themed nights throughout the week and weekend, this nightclub is guaranteed to have a little something for everyone.

Solare Coliseum: Featuring four rooms, more than 40 LED screens, 3 popular resident DJ’s and a gigantic outdoor patio, the Solare Coliseum is the gay nightclub to end all gay night clubs. The club also features separate music in the main room and the other rooms, so there is music for everyone to listen to.

Club Boi: Located at Sandals on the 70th street causeway, Club Boi is the premier spot for black gay Miami parties. With the well-liked beats of DJs Dias and Gavin, who are also the owners, playing nightly, this establishment is great for anyone looking to have a great time.

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